Development-type Manufacturer specializing in Band-saws and Hole-saws
We solve every possible cutting and perforation problem.

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Company Name
Taniguchi Kogyo Co., Ltd.
Head Office: 2-10-5 Mikuriya-higashi,
Higashi-osaka City
TEL: 06-6787-1421
   (key number)
FAX: 06-6787-1730
Ono Factory: 1090-1 Shimokishi-cho,
Ono City, Hyogo Prefecture
TEL: 0794-63-8917
FAX: 0794-63-0165
Re-sharp Factory: 1-9-57 Mikuriya-higashi,
Higashi-osaka City

 Inauguration February 1, 1982
 Establishment April 1, 1987
 Representative Akiyoshi Taniguchi, president


32 million yen
 Number of employees 15
 Banks with which
 we have accounts
Risona Bank, Higashi-osaka Branch
Taisho Bank, Higashi-osaka Branch
Mitsui Sumitomo Bank, Kosaka Branch
 Business Contents Manufacturing and sales of industrial cutting edged tools,
Cold-saw re-sharpening service

 February 1982 Inaugurated at 1-15-26 Nishizutsumi Hondori-higashi, Higashi-osaka City
Simultaneously began TNK cold saw sales and opened re-sharp factory
 May 1986 Moved the office and re-sharp factory to 1-9-57 Mikuriya-higashi, Higashi-osaka City
 October 1986 Put portable band-saws on the market

 April 1987

Reestablished as Taniguchi Kogyo Co., Ltd., by becoming a corporate, with a capital of 5 million yen
 May 1989 Put Silver Star, triple extra hard hole-saws, on the market
 March 1990 Increased capital to 12 million yen
 May 1991 Opened Tokyo Business Office in Adachi Ward, Tokyo
 December 1992 Put Miracle Saw, sawing blades for the contour machine, on the market
 October 1993 Put Cobalt VL, bimetal hole-saws, on the market
 April 1994 Opened Ono Factory in Ono City, Hyogo Prefecture, as a connecting factory for band-saws
 January 1995 Commenced with importing cutoff-band-saws from Germany and put them on the market
 October 1995 Put metal-tip-saws on the market
 March 1996 Put thermet-tip-saws on the market
 June 1996 Put Extra hard hole-saws 362 on the market
 June 1996 Put Guardless FL long hole-saws, on the market
 June 1996 Put siding-saws on the market
 September 1996 Moved the head office building to 2-10-5 Mikuriya-higashi, Higashi-osaka City
 October 1997 Established AIM Co., Ltd.
 June 2001 Increased capital to 32 million yen
 August 2001 Put portable band-saws built with imported materials on the market
 December 2002 "Crab Trademark" became the company character for Taniguchi Kogyo Co., Ltd.
 July 2003 Put tip-saws specially manufactured for non-iron metals on the market
 January 2004 Put Silver Star 535, flat blade, extra hard, long hole-saws on the market